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Juniper and Moose are two unusual friends who love each-other endlessly…

Do you guys remember Juniper the fox who was a famous fox on Instagram? Since the last time we posted about her, a few things have changed in her life. She is not living only with her mommy now, but she has got a friend. The friend she has is nothing like her, but they still get along pretty well. This article is like an ongoing series of the unusual friendships we have posted time after time. Yes Juniper has unusual friends, and her friend’s name is Moose. Moose is an Australian Shepherd who became the guardian angel of Juniper shortly after she was brought home. The following 10 pictures will prove you that unusual friends are the best friends sometimes because they understand you without never ever trying to be judgemental.

Here is the inseparable duo. Looks to me like these two fellas surely enjoy one another’s companionship. 

unusual friends

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