Little tiny adorable Pepper meets grass for the first time. OH my

A dog lover, has recently gotten her very first dog, a puppy Pekingese, and she is loving the experience so far. The girl who shared the adorable pictures of her little fluffy ball, says that she got the puppy when it was only 5-weeks old. You can imagine a little Pekingese puppy. I bet they are smaller than little kittens at that time. So ever since this girl has fallen in love with her little piece of heaven, so she has decided to share some really cute pictures of her little girl named Pepper. In the following 5 pictures you will see how does Pepper react when she first goes to the park and meets the grass! I am warning you all, the following pictures have high quantity of cuteness, so please be careful!
“Mommy look at this paradise. This is so fluffy, fresh and it smells like heaven I am telling you!”


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