This man rescued two foxes, and this is how they are paying him back…

They call him Fantastic Mr. Fox, and he is well-known as a work of fiction. We have no sufficient information to explain why he is well-known as a work of fiction, but what we can say is that what you are about to see in just the real thing. Some of you may think that this is abnormal, but let me remind you a little something guys. A while ago I have told you that there are no evil animals. If an animal is treated well, and feed no harm can be done. Of course there are cases when animals have attacked, or killed many people, but the truth is that not animals are like that. The story of Patsy Gibbons will maybe convince you at some points that animals can be trained, well-educated, and therefore can become the best friend you have ever had.
The man you see in this picture is Patsy Gibbons and his two adorable sidekicks are Grainne and Minnie. 


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