She clearly explains: “Why Rescued is My Favorite Dog Breed.”

Just recently a young lady has opened up her mind and heart with the rest of the world by clearly confessing why a rescued dog is her favorite breed. As soon as I started reading this post, I connected. If you have experienced the same thing, then I assure you that it is like you are reading your own thoughts and feelings written by some girl you don’t even know. This is why I am guessing that maybe we all love the idea that rescuing a pet feels so much better than buying one. For the rest of their lives you will feel grateful to yourself. You will feel so good with yourself too because you have saved one innocent life. Remember that without you, the pets that you have already rescued and adopted, would have had a really difficult sad life. The young lady named Roshni Ali has confessed her sweet story how she rescued her Leo…

“The first day I met Leo, he looked at me with his soulful golden eyes. That moment I knew I just had to cuddle the tiny fellow. The first night in the hotel, he found a quiet dark corner under the bed and slept off early. He did poop in the room and seemed embarrassed about it. But I knew this was the least to expect.” 


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