There is no doubt that this cat takes better selfies than you… WAW

I bet we have all seen this cat everywhere recently. His selfies are going viral, and now I can understand why. Well let me introduce you to the cat first, and then you can watch all the amazing selfies he takes. The cat is called Manny,and according to his owner Manny has a special addiction for selfies, and for GoPro cameras. This is no joke you guys, this extremely intelligent cat, Manny learned to use the camera by chance when it reached out to touch the camera during a shoot one day.
Looks like ever since Manny has become addicted, and now he enjoys taking selfies everywhere he goes. The tom cat is not obsessed, and he needs to memorise everything he does. He wants to capture every moment because looks like he already knows that the best thing to do nowadays is to capture all the great experiences in life. Now I truly believe that these selfies are real, and now I know for sure that this cat has a talent, and his talent is taking the Internet world by surprise.

When his owner was asked what does he sincerely think about this extremely rare experience with the cat he answered:

“He is a stray, that is very intelligent, thinks he’s a dog, follows us on walks, and is very, very friendly to humans.” As for what inspires him? “There is no spoon.” 

I hope you enjoy all the great selfies Manny has taken so far. I can assure you that I am obsessed already! I wish my cat was this smart…

“What a beautiful day in the sun!”selfie7

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