His owner died in a car accident two years ago, but this dog refuses to let go…

If anyone doubts that dogs are the best animals ever, then wh dont you take a look at the following story. We are talking about a dog whom they call ““Siberian Hachiko” because no one knows his name. This dog lost its parents in a car accident in 2014, and ever since the dog hasn’t left this place. Looks like the poor creature is waiting for his parents to show up, pick him up and go home, but unfortunately such a thing is not going to happen.

Here is the “Siberian Hachiko” waiting impatiently for this parents to show up. Even though he is in great danger of his life while living next to the highway, this dog could care less. He is all alone now and he has got nothing to lose. All he wants is to have his parents back, and looks like is is settling for nothing else.


What do you think?

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