Paints her cat Pink for a party, the animal dies of poisoning

Paints her cat Pink for e party, the animal dies of poisoning.Russian writer in trouble.
Painted her with a horrible pink color for a party. After about a month kitten was found dead from poisoning. A Russian writer is in trouble after toxicating her poor little kitty .The little kitty blood  resulted  “infected” by the dye that led to the death, as stated by veterinarians. According to social media ink was deterministic for the death of the little kitten, which was made as the  surprise of the evening, as the main theme of the celebration was pink color.
The owner of the cat has emphasized on Instagram that  had been the hairdresser who had the thought of painting the kitten’s coat and the kitten was in very good health after the party. “Veterinarian told me the coat  painting was harmless to pets and above all, it would be useful,” added 35-year-old. “Pink was chosen precisely for its curative effects and because it had the effect of strengthening the cat hairs”. – Said Russian writer


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