Since their dog is too old to swim, this man becomes her flotation device…

Have you ever known a dog that loves to swim so much that you start questioning yourself whether it is a dog or an aquatic animal? To be honest I had never thought of that, until I read this interesting post I will share with you all today. We are going to talk about a ten-years old Labrador Retriever who loves the water more than anything in her life. she is so very much addicted to it, that even though she is a “senior” now, she won’t stop her adventures in the lake.
Her parents say that since she was a puppy, she showed a great deal of interest in swimming. “This dog has lived her whole life in the water,” a Redditor named power-cube told Bored Panda.

Here is a picture of the 10-year old canine, going for her daily swim. Only this time she can’t do it on her own anymore. Her father has to help her get around, otherwise she’ll get tired very soon, and won’t make it… 


What do you think?

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