10 Stories About Heroic Dogs That Saved People’s Lives

When it comes to stories that talk about a dog saving a humans life, everyone seems eager to hear about it. It is normal for us to hear how that police or that fireman saved a dogs or cats life, since it is part of their job.  But when it comes to a story that tells how a dog saved a human it is pretty unusual and amazing to hear.
They truly can be a man’s loyal friend. Below you can read 10 stories about heroic dogs and how they saved  people.

#1 This Golden Retriever became a hero when he saved a young child from a coral snake. He saw the snake getting closer to him and he bravely snatched the snake away from the child. He even received ‘The National Hero Dog Award’ in gratitude.


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Shiba Inu Having A Blast At The Playground

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