The love these two feel for one another is just precious. |Heart-Melt|

All those who already have a Husky dog, know that this is one of the most sociable breeds in the world. At first they might seem scary and dangerous, but thrust me they are nothing but silly, lovable, and highly social goofballs. From time to time I tend to real different information regarding Huskies, and I have been able to read that Huskies are great with kids. They love to be around kids and play with them. They love to watch out after little kids, and play silly games with them.
In the video below you will see two adorable creatures standing in front of each-other. If you see their eyes, you can tell that they got deep love for one another. While the little baby(who looks like a boy to me) has no idea that the huge goofball standing in front of him, is a Husky dog. Little does the baby know that this Husky (who looks like a female to me) is going to be his best friends in the years to come. As you all can see these two have already formed a strong bond, and that bond is about to get stronger and stronger in the days to come.

Can you believe it the playful side of this Husky female? At first she looks really serious, but once the baby boy starts playing around with her, she shows her playful, sociable side. She rolls around as if she wants to say, “OK baby bring it on.” And then she starts licking the baby because she wants to show him that she loves him a lot. It is really important for both parties to feel confident, and comfortable in order to have a safe play, and a fun time. I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did!

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