These are the most disciplined Golden Retrievers you will ever see…

If you know Golden Retrievers, then you already know that they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there. They are intelligent, well behaved, and easily trained. What you will witness in the pictures and the video below, is a really interesting case of four well disciplined Golden Retrievers. These dogs already know that if they want to get outside and play, then they have to get cleaned before they head back inside. While their mommy has taught them to behave, they also are happy to cooperate while she starts cleaning their feet.
First they all line up, and wait for ther to get them all cleaned up. They are really patient because they wait with a smile on their face to get back inside. Looks like they are really grateful to their mommy for allowing them to play outside. I believe that both parties are happy in a situation like the one here:

golden retreivers1

Second; Once they are all cleaned up, they don’t get out of the front door anymore. They already know that mamma can’t clean them twice. So they save her time while understanding that they have to follow the rules they have all agreed too. They just stay inside and watch the rest getting cleaned up.

golden retreivers

In the video you will see the adorable pack of four doing what they do best; behave. Truly I gotta love the fact that they all line up waiting for mamma to come outside and clean them one by one. These smart creatures understand that things work best if you go one at a time. I hope you all enjoy the video as much as I did, and please do not forget to share this amazing, inspiring short “film” with everyone around you. These Retrievers are just too cute though!

most disciplined Golden Retrievers

Source: Petsfans

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