These 10 dogs have such beautiful eyes, you will get blind. #9 is my all time favorite

I have always thought that dogs speak so much through their eyes. i don’t know why I have always thought like that. Maybe because they show their emotions crystal clear through the eyes. I can read my dog when she is all happy, os when she is mad. I don’t know what it is, but I really hope you are relating with me in this one. Let me put it this way; I have always though that dogs “speak” to us through their eyes. They might not be able to tell you that they are hungry but when thy look at you with those eyes, and they make them even bigger when they want to ask for something! Anyways Here you have 10 dogs with sic beautiful eyes you will get blind. #9 is my all time favorite, maybe because I have had a Husky girl named Maya with eyes just like that. I miss her! I hope you guys enjoy these pictures, and please don’t hesitate to share with your friends!

#1- Have you ever seen such a pure soul before? This Australian Shepherd is everything! 


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