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These 9 dogs were groomed and colored like Fictional Characters. WaW

What you will see in the pictures below, is like nothing you have seen so far. When I first got to see these pictures, my mind was literally blown away. Yours will too, trust me. Are you wandering what  am I talking about? Well in the following pictures I will share with you some outlandish pictures of different dogs who have been groomed and colored like different fictional characters.
The amazing photos of multicolored, groomed dogs were taken by photographer Ren Netherland. He was shooting at the creative dog grooming competitions across the United States, and what you will see in the pictures below, are some of the contestants of the competitions. The dogs were dyed and carefully sheared to depict cartoon characters, wild animals, and even mythical creatures in a very unique art form. If you cant stop looking at these pictures already, and you want to see more, then you should visit this website.

#1- “Hey man who is this little guy standing on my back?”

fictinal characters10

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