This Jealous Husky Does The Most Amazing Thing To Get More Attention. LOL

jealous husky

Have you ever wandered why dogs tend to be really jealous? I have always noticed that dogs are jealous, and if you pet, cuddle or snuggle another pet, then your dog tends to get sad, or mad at you. I am guessing that dogs get easily jealous because they think that if you get attached to another pet, then you will forget all about them. They become really silly when they get jealous, and the video below will best prove it.

As you will see in the video below we have two Husky Malamute, and a man standing in between them. The man starts petting one of the dogs for a few second, and then he jumps to pet the other one. But the dog he pets the second, is really jealous. This huge goofball wants his daddy to pet him all the time. He doesn’t want to share this pleasure with the other dog. Looks like he is a lot jealous and selfish. While the other dog could care less, the jealous dog is loosing his mind over the fact that the man keeps petting the other dog too. But what he does next is just hilarious.

While the jealous dog realizes that he is not getting what he wants, he thinks that the best idea would be to sit on top of his daddy, and only then he will stop petting the other dog. Only then he will have the chance to snuggle, and love, and pet the jealous dog. I laughed my hear out from this short video because it is truly amazing trust me. Jealousy is truly a disease, and it is not possessed by humans only, I guess it knows no limits. It knows no boundaries, definitely.

What do you think?

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