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These dogs are trained to do what??? OMG Amazing

Some people who get extremely attached with their four legged companions, are super excited to train them as well as they can. By “trained” I mean teach them how to do different things. I am not talking about the basics; sit, give me your paw, NO, get out, go to your room, come here etcetera. I am talking about some really interesting, yet really hard things, that not every dog can do.
The trick you will see in the pictures below are really unusual for dogs. I mean not every dog is trained how to do squats, or walk another dog. But there are dogs out there who are capable to complete such unusual tasks. If you want to know what kind of unusual tricks dogs are trained to do, then you should go through the following 10 pictures/ gifs.

1- this dog already knows that the coolest guys should know how to skateboard. So he took some classes, and now he is a pro at it. 

2- This dog was trained to keep his daddy awake during week exam. We all know that the struggle gets real when you don’t want to study right? trained9

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