10 Things dogs do in the daily basis that drive us crazy… Number 7 OMG

No matter how much we actually love our dogs, we have to admit the fact that they tend to drive us crazy sometimes. I have to say that it is partially our fault because we tend to spoil them so much, and they take advantage of that somehow. Whoever has a dog, knows that life with a dog is not always peaches and cream. Just like everything else in life, living with a dog, has its ups and downs. The following situations happen to everyone who has a dog, almost every-day. And Oh boy, when you are not in the mood, these little pooches tend to drive you nuts. So take a look at the following 10 pictures, and don’t hesitate to tell us which one of the following situations makes you the maddest.

#1- Playing silly games with their buddies. And I am telling you, they are not so quiet all the time. Sometimes they mess up everything that gets in their way! 


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