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They say dogs are one’s best friends. I guess they are very right, and these 10 pictures prove it best

I will never stop saying that we are so blessed for having dogs as companions. Think about it. They are the most loyal, caring, loving creatures we are blessed with. I would call my dog my best friends with no doubts, and you know why? Because dogs have never turned their back on me. They have never lied to me for different stupid sh@ts. Dogs have never hurt me, at least not emotionally 😛 And I could keep going if my time didn’t run lie crazy. So do you have any doubts that dogs are one’s best friends? They have always been, and they will always be. They truly deserve to be called our best friends, The following 10 pictures show what I just said!
#1- “Even though I am not a small puppy anymore, I will always be your baby right daddy?”

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Your heart will melt when you will see these adult pets, and their little companions

Smart bird is having a ball game with his human, but is also tying to get the dog involved