This Dog Was Shot 5 Times, Reacts By Giving Kisses

This 8 month old terrier mix stray named Frank, had a very ruff time his first few months. He was born on the streets and was shot  five time in Chester, Delaware. Despite all this difficulties and struggles Frank has been through, all he wants is to share his love with humans.
Police officer james Nolan V is the one who helped and rescued the pup.

“He was in bad shape… [yet] he wagged his tail and licked my hands, the friendliest dog in the world.”

Humane officer Russell Wayne Harper received similar affection:

“Shot five times and bleeding out all over the place, he just wanted to give kisses.”

While the pup is still recovering, the people who rescued him hope that he will find a forever home very soon. Officers search for the person or persons responsible for shooting Frank. If you can help, contact Chester police headquarters at 610-447-7908 or call 911.

Article Source : barkpost

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