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This dying puppy wags the tail as rescuer approach

This poor homeless dog was found in the middle of the streets. She was almost dying when Animal Aid Unlimited found her because she was suffering from a fatal disease – canine distemper. The dog was left to die on the side of the road in Udaipur, India. She looked half dead when rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited found her, but as soon as she spotted the rescuers, she started waging her tail. She was trying to show some love to the people who are making an attempt to keep her alive still. It is amazing to think that she used her last bits of strength to wag her tail. In the following pages you will see how the story goes, and the video will best describe the whole situation of this poor canine.

She was found by the members of Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rescue center in india. This is how she looked when the members spotted her on the side of the street. 

rescued puppy

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