11-Year-Old Military K9 Receives A Hero’s Funeral When He Passes Away

Military K9

Dogs on their own are adorable, lovable and just beautiful creatures. But there are some special ones among them that are extremely brave, intelligent and loyal. When it comes to service dogs this qualities are crucial for them.

Service dogs deserve all the respect they can get from us. These article is about military dogs that put their life in danger every day to secure our safety. And when they pass on the right thing to do is give them a hero burial.

And this is exactly how the adoptive parents of a fellow K9 military dog decided to honor their deceased dog. His death did not pass without recognition. This noble dog deserved every last accolade given to him for his bravery and heroism.


This shepherd dog served in with the military in Afghanistan as contract working dog until he retired.  After that he was taken by Mission K9 Rescue, an organization that rescues and finds homes for retired military dogs when they come back.


In fact this shepherd was the very first dog in the program that was brought in and found a lovely home. He was adopted by a woman that became his mama. She gave him all her love and devotion for the whole two years she got to have him.


Before leaving a quite house life he served for seven years overseas in the military. He was eight year old when he return home and got adopted.


Actually the poor dog barely survived his plane ride home from Afghanistan. Apparently some kind of pressure on the plane cause him problems. He arrived in U.S.A in the break of death and was sent to the vet right after the landing. Fortunately they managed to save him.


His adoptive mother fell in love with the pooch right from the start. She even through him birthday parties every year. At eight years old he was already considered a senior dog and did went through some health setbacks.


When he passed way he had lived a long and fulfilling life of eleven years. When he passed away he was covered with a flag as a sign of respect.


At the ceremony held for the farewell of this brave warrior, his adoptive mother gave a heartwarming speech. He will be missed!


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