Urgent Help Needed! Rescued dogs in need of chemotherapy!

Her name is Fiera, she was rescued 10 days ago by Fiera was hit by a car and left coldhearted in the street.
We rescued and transported her to the Vet, covered for all medical treatment and her multiple injuries. She suffer from a heavy trauma caused by the car hit. Fracture of femur, pelvic damages, spine injuries, urinary infection, difficulty in defecation.

But now we face a big big problem, she has mammary tumor and  needs urgent treatment with chemotherapy and we cant cover all the expenses.





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This Husky mix is Whitey , she is around 3 years and she was abandoned by her owner cuz she has a Vaginal  and Mammary Tumor. We Found Whitey dirty , hungry , in bad conditions , she cant survive the streets , she was used to be loved and feed by a loving family , she is very very playfule , cute , and can fill your heart with kindness.We are afraid that the tumor can spread in other parts of her budy and she also needs urgent chimiotherapy.




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