5 Best dog beds

Does your dog like his/her bed? If its time for you to shop a new bed for your dog, then this article is what you have been waiting for. Allow me to introduce you what are considered to be five of the best dog beds.

This kind of bed is considered to be comfortable, easily washed and durable. They are a good choice in cold weather keeping your dogs warm and cozy, and a great choice in warmer days keeping your dogs cooler.

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2- Donut dog beds

This type of bed is considered to be one of the best dog beds because it provides cozy softness. It is a great choice for dogs who like to curl up because it provides security. Furthermore this type of bed helps to retain warmth, and it is a smart choice for puppies.

3- Pillow beds

Pillow beds are one of the best dog beds because they come in different sizes, have a removable cover that can be cleaned easily, and maintain their shape. This type of bed is comfortable and provides padding.

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4- Cedar beds

Cedar beds are double lined, insulate well from cold and hot surfaces, and help to repel insects. These factors make them appropriate for different kind of dogs except for newborns or pregnant. I think this type of bed has what it takes to be considered one of the best dog beds.

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5- Wicker beds

These beds are considered to be last longing, and durable. It comes with a pillow that you can choose on your own. The pillow might have a certain shape and size. For older dogs who do not chew, this is one of the best dog beds.

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