What are you dreaming of little chubby precious pup?

Are you ready to get hear-melt in a second? Well the video you will see below will show you a little Husk puppy sleeping. Apparently the chubby puppy is having some weird dreams, and since he can’t understand what is going on, he reacts in his sleep. He moves all four of his limbs as he wants to say “Please let me enjoy my nap.” Even though we have no idea what kind of dream this beautiful little chubby guy is having, we can truly enjoy the fact that he is one beautiful precious little pup. We all know already that pets, and not only, humans also tend to react in a similar way when having different dreams.
If you have a little puppy, kitten then you watch similar reactions all the time. I am not saying that when they grow up they don’t experience the same thing, is just that when they are smaller, they tend to look way cutter, don’t you guys agree?

What do you think?

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