This Woman Couldn’t Decide Which Dog To Save – So She Bought The Whole Shelter!

Her name is Danielle Eden, and she is one of the best friends dogs around the world have.She’s co-founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, an animal rescue center in Ontario, and she’s saved dogs from terrible conditions from all corners of the globe. For a long time she has been a dog lover, and she had done all she can to help all stray dogs be safe, and find forever homes. In one of her visits in Israel a little while ago, she visited a shelter. She had to pick some of the dogs in the shelter but she could not decide. So instead she did this:
Danielle had to choose from the shelter, but she could not decide which dogs she was going to adopt. All of the animals were in such desperate need of rescuing that she didn’t know which one to pick.


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