10 Dingus Dog Breeds Of All Time

10 Dingus Dog Breeds Of All Time

First things first, i want to clarify the definition of dingus dogs. Ok so dingus dogs are all the dogs who can’t do something normally, or smoothly. These dogs are predetermined to be awkward in everything they do (specially photos 😛 :P). They eat, drink, play, and breath in an awkward way. If you are still a little bit confused because of the “dingus dog” thing, then why don’t you just take a look at this: This is what a dingus dog looks like. Still in doubt? the following pictures/gifs/videos will make all that clear to you in a few minutes, you keep watching.

#1- Vizlas: They say these dogs are all dingus all the time. Judging from these pictures, I get why these dogs are considered dingus dogs. LoL

[dingus dog] vizla

dingus dog s of all time

#2- Siberian Huskies: These dogs surely can’t act normal at all.

dingus dogs

Acting normal is a NO NO for Siberian Huskies. They are what they are, and they have no intentions whatsoever to change their attitude.

husky silly dog

#3- Chinese Crested 

This is one of the breeds that has one of the most Ugly Dog Contests. Furthermore it is one of the biggest all around Dinguses. The picture will speak itself.

dancing dingus dog

#4- Italian Greyhound

You still think that Greyhounds can actually act like normal dogs? Well you should consider the following media.

Miley Cyrus style

Yea that little cute weirdo can smile, and that smile is just the best smile yet.

“Are you sure I need a Halloween costume?”

#5. Corgi

Corgi and Dingus go together like peanut butter and jelly.

funny corgi

#6. Boxer

Boxer’s are truly all things Dingus. They derp with the best of ’em,

dingus boxer

#7. Chihuahua

This breed was originally just going to be called: The Dingus. Take to the internet and you can easily see why. Chihuahuas can’t fall asleep without dingin’ out hard core.

Chihuahuas dingus dog

#8. Bernese Mountain Dog

Feel The Bern with these Bernese Mountain Dinguses.

#9. Boston Terrier

#10. Mutt

Mix two breeds together and what do you get? Super dinguses.

Source: BarkPost

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