This Woman Refuses To Get Married After The Potential Husband Ask Her To Give Her Dog Up

This story happened in India, where a girl that owned a dog was asked by her potential husband to give him up after marriage since he is not a fan of them. Since that was not something she was willing to compromise with, she turned down the marriage proposal.
Even after being rejected the man tried to make her reconsider her decision. But she had already made up her mind. She said that if the one I will spend the rest of my life ask me to give up my dog than that is a deal breaker. She is not willing to abandon her dog for anyone.

This became public because the Indian girl decided to post the whats app conversation on social media. The comments were very supporting of her choice and decision. She just loves her sweetie way to much to even consider such thing.

The girl is a analyst by profession and this is her sweetie saying hi.


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