What This ID Tag Says Changed Everything This Man Thought About A ‘Lost’ Dog

Id tag

Seeing stray dogs wonder on the street is heartbreaking enough. But when one notices a dog with a collar on that is lost it hurts a little bit more. Not because they are better but because they are home raised and do not no how to survive alone on the wild.

It costs us nothing to stop and make an effort to help a stray or lost dog in any way we can. This time the story of the lost dog found on a gas station by a young man is little bit odd.

As he approached the golden Retriever, to have a  closer look of his collar, what was written on it left him surprised.

Actually as the young man said, he had seen the dog before wondering around that same area during these past weeks.

id tag

Thinking that the poor dog has been lost for quite a long time, he approached the dog and treated him with affection.
As he grabbed the dogs collar, he was shocked to read ‘My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.

Dew was known for his escapes on the area as he liked to roam during the day, while at night he would always go back home.

Although he always comes back, his owner have put a microchip on him equipped with GPS just in case. Plus with it on, they can track at all times where is their beloved dog roaming.

“I’ve seen the dog a couple weeks before around that area,” Wilson told The Dodo.

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