9 Practical Uses For Cats

Encouragement not to give up on life

Having pets has its own perks, besides being surrounded by unconditional love. Sometimes all you need to do is say you own a dog/cat and million questions will follow by others including requests to see photos. They have kept going and saved countless conversations that were doomed to die-off. Here are nine practical uses for cats. 

1 If it weren’t for the cat they would both be heading home.

Practical Uses For Cats

2 Is your apartment a total mess and your expecting guests? No worries, that is why the cat is for, lol.

Practical Uses For Cats

3 How needs and alarm clock when your cat does that job perfectly every single day.

cat is An alarm clock

4 Even on the worst day, your cat will give you motivation to go out of bed and get moving. Someone has to feed her…

Encouragement not to give up on life

5 Their breathing noise can be hypnotising at times.

Cat Sound therapy

6 It feels so nice when you go to sleep and the bed is already warmed up by your cat. Especially during those cold freezing days.

Practical Ways To Repurpose Your Dog Or Cat's

7 Pets are unpredictable, therefore they are the perfect excuse when you don’t feel like going out.

An excuse not to socialize

8 Who wants a spa massage can go to a friend with a cat, cause the result is the same.

Practical Uses For Cats

9 It feels nice to have a partner while you go through your yoga routine.

My Cat is my Yoga inspiration

Source: BuzzFeed

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