This Rescued Puppy Was Scared Of Everyone Till This Couple Became His New Family

Rescued Puppy

This story takes place in Thailand and talks about a young couple that were full of energy and had a common interest: their love for the animals. They were the adoptive parents of a hyperactive Boston Terrier, whom they loved to death. Since the couple did not have kids of their own they loved and treated their dog as a child.

Than one day, as the man was using his Facebook account, he noticed a post published by a friend of his, talking about a wounded dog. Apparently the dogs left leg was pretty injured and bleeding. They even thought to amputate it but after some discussions they didn’t proceed with it. Instead they put the dog on a very good treatment and the miracle happened. The dogs leg recovered quite well.

The infection went way eventually and although the dog is feeling much better now the recovery process was long. She had to stay for two whole months hospitalized. And so these whole time, this friend of the couple had been trying to raise money using social medias to cover the bill of the unfortunate dog.

After giving it a thought and discussing with each-other, the couple decided to take the wounded dog home. They now well that finding a home for a handicapped dog would be a long process and quite difficult. That same evening they went to the hospital, paid the amount that was left from the total cost of her recovery and signed her out from the hospital. After making the dog their own, they were nervous bringing her home and introducing her with the Boston Terrier they already owned.

They weren’t sure what his reaction would be and rather they would like and bond with one another or not. The beginning was a struggle. She was hustle and barked constantly when they tried to approach her.

The problem was that they needed to spray a treatment on her wounded leg daily but she made it so difficult for them. And so after days went by, the wife made up her mind and decided to call a dog trainer to help with the dogs attitude and behavior problems. After hours of intensive training, she started to soften up little by little.

The dog trainer told the couple as well, how they should treat her and take her for walks on a leash. This way they would eventually be able to approach the dog without scaring her away. After 3-4 hours of intense training, her behavior changes a little by little.

The dog becomes more open to human and the trainer would teach us how to get her on the leash and take her for a walk. Also, he would teach us how to approach her by not scaring her out. Apparently the training was very effective as the dog became calmer and even started to show affection and trust towards its people.

Now three months have passed and things are quite different. Every moment is a joy with her. Their are a happy couple with to adorable dogs whom they love very much. After all the patience was worth it.


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