Labrador saves owner’s live, after heart attack that left her dead for 30 minutes.

A British girl was saved by her dog: this is the belief of the emergency room doctors who diagnosed her heart disease .

Joanna Mellor is a 24 year old British girl who had cardiac arrest while sleeping

As reports the British daily newspaper ‘Mirror’,  beside her was  27 year old fiancé Andrew Reyment, but the one who realized that the girl was not feeling well, was her dog Leo.The dog saw that Joanna was not breathing and began to bark until he  woke her fiancee, Andrew.

He tried to wake her, but her breathing was becoming increasingly erratic. Before long she was unconscious.

Instantly, Rayment knew that something was wrong and quickly called ‘999’ where the operator helped to talk him through CPR.

The young woman was rescued from her gorgeous 5 years-old labrador: it is the conviction of Emergency Doctors.

Brought to the hospital, doctors said that it took 30 minutes until the 24 year old heart to started to beat again. Without  the lightning intervention of  her dog with no doubt she would have died .

Joanna, who lives in Ilkeston, near Derbyshire, was diagnosed with ParkinsonWolff Parkinson White syndrome, a disease that can bring tachycardia, which means that she has an extra electrical connection in the heart, causing it to beat abnormally fast.

It is relatively common and is found in roughly three out of every 1,000 people according to It’s also most likely to occur in young, previously healthy people.

In some cases, such as Mellor’s, the condition can trigger sudden cardiac arrest which can often be fatal.

“I’m alive thanks to my dog ​​and my fiancé. Without Leon and Andrew i woudnt be here today,” said the 24 year old girl.


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