Little puppy was badly violated, but is recovering now!

This little puppy was rescued by Ranch Dog Rescue in California! When they found her, she was in critical health conditions. She was mistreated, and violated from the previous owners, or from random people. They have not been able to find out what happened to the poor puppy, or who is liable for her health conditions. What the rescue organization thought was important first, was to give her the needed medical attention!

She had a few snout scars, that look like someone tied her mouth up because they couldn’t bare the dog barking. There is no confirmed information about what really happened to the poor creature!

On the other hand her back legs were shattered and required intense orthopedic surgery.Vets after saw the conditions in which the poor puppy was all agreed that the extent of injury is a clear indicator of abuse. They cannot tell how this little puppy was abused, but they know that whoever did this deserves to go to jail!

After a few check-ups Vets thought that they used rubber bands to keep the dog’s mouth shut! Because the mouth was constantly shut, her teeth was rooting into the mouth!

As soon as Ranch Dog Rescue posted their story and the pictures of this lovely little puppy a lot of families were interested in adoption her! The rescue organization is waiting for Kane to get 100% recovered from the abuse, and once she is all healthy physically and mentally she will be ready to get adopted. All she has been through will soon be over; even though she has been 5 months in medical treatment, and therapy, and once and forever she will be ready to start a brand beginning. New family, new story, and new life.  Hopefully her life will be filled with love, and happiness!

Source: ViralNova

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