New Research Shows That There Might Be A Genetic Connection Between Dog And Human

Due to recent research scientists say that there is a reason why dogs are so connected with humans. And that can be found in their DNA. So apparently there might be a scientific explanation why dogs are so loving, loyal and friendly with humans.

Looking at the genes, scientist discovered a variety on genes that link dogs into seeking human help and contact.

The study aims to understand the genetic underpinnings of domestication. An explanation on how the wolf, which is known to be aggressive, dangerous and pretty hustle with humans turn into a social, friendly and loving creature as dogs are.

The scientists made a survey with more than 400 bagels that were raised in a laboratory and placed them in a room with a human they had never met before. Then they send in the room three transparent containers with treats inside. But they were secured with a lid that dogs were not able to open by them selves without the humans help. This behavior scored for the frequency and duration of of different assistance seeking. After that they studied the cases of the most sociable and least sociable dogs, analyzing and looking to find genes kinked with the probability of dogs asking for human help.

After the study ended they found five genes that associated with  the dogs friendly behavior. The scientist are still studying to see if the same result will appear doing this test in other breeds as well.

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