Here Are 10 Stories Proves That Animals Are Much More Smarter Than We Think

Knowing that you have a pet home that will welcome you with hugs and kisses after a long day at work is truly a blessing. Not everyone gets to have a pet although they might desperately want one, so if you have one, you are blessed my friend.

This article is all about pets intelligence. Have you ever witnessed something really smart your pet did that left you blown away?

Despite being all cute and caring they can be very clever and sneaky as well.

#1 “This american shepherd was barfing loud which was very unusual for him. He did that only on serious occasions. When the owner went outside to check what was wrong he saw his cat choking. She had run around the chair many times and then jumped off it. But there was not enough room left on the leash for her to land on the ground safely  and was just hanging there. The dog had started to chew on the leash to save her. Even up to this day they are both happy and healthy.”


#2 “While his owner was out, his dog had pulled a piece of paper from the trash and pooped on it because he did not wanted to make a mess on the floor.”


#3 “When four dogs live together in a house, having a free comfortable spot on the bed is a struggle. So one of the dogs runs to the front door and starts barking although no one is on the other side. As he does so the other dogs join him. When they all are up, he runs back and lays on his favorite bed.”


#4  “This cutie has learned how to turn on the mattresses pad that is located near the headboard. Every single day her owner comes back home, finding her cuddled in it near the foot of the bed.”


#5 “Trying to be funny, this owners cat stuck his finger on his mouth when the cat yawned. The cat caught off guard, and just started curiously at his owner while he closed his mouth without using his teeth. A couple hours later while the cat is sitting on his owners lap, this last one yawns. Right in that moment the cat proceeds to put his whole paw on his mouth” Hilarious!


#6 “This time the dog saved the life of his owner that was having a diabetic seizure on her sleep. He jumped on the bed and started to bark loudly until her partner wake up and called the ambulance and life was saved.”


#7 “A person says that he watched while a chicken was teaching another chicken how to get out of the coop.”


#8 “A talking parrot and a black cat live under the same roof. The cat always comes when her adoptive parents call her by her name, Shadow. One day they her the parrot call Shadow, Shadow while he was staying at his usual place, on the stool in the kitchen. When the man looks outside, he sees Shadow the cat trying to get inside the house begging to be let in.”


#9 “The cat always hears the mailman putting the mail through the letter slot on the door. As soon as he hears him, he races to the door and grabs the letters in his teeth and then, one by one drags them to the chair where his mummy is sitting.”


#10 “One dog owner confesses that his dad uses a cockatoo that mimics a can opener noise. And as soon as the can pops the dog goes running in the kitchen expecting his dinner.”


What do you think?

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