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“Perfectly Imperfect” Animals Portraits To Help Them Find New Homes

Perfectly imperfect animal portraits

“Perfectly Imperfect” Animals Portraits is a work realized by well-known animal photographer Alex Cearns. She created a photo set of dogs and cats with different disabilities. The artist placed their portraits at the center of her work, focusing on their defects such as lack of sight, hearing, limbs, etc. Showing thus, that the loving, beautiful playful spirit of these animals is still there. Her masterpiece, if you want to check it out Perfect Imperfection: Dog Portraits Of Resilience And Love .

A job done with love and positivity, requires a lot of attention and appreciation. Our way of evaluation is to spread the word and enable its presentation to the public. Wishing Mrs. Cearns all the best, I wish this initiative is going to help as many ‘neglected’ animals as possible.

To sum up, we selected 15 photos which best describe the photographer idea. Most importantly her desire to help animals get adopted. Tell us what you think? Is this a well-thought-out marketing idea to adopt these ‘less desirable’ animals?

#1 Bali Pip is bald from mange. She’s still living life to the fullest, though.

#2 Beau’s deaf because skin cancer has robbed him of his ears. He still enjoys a happy existence.

#3 Jaffa is missing a leg therefore adoption was difficult for her. In conclusion she’s finally living with a loving family.

#4 Scrappy was forced to have his eyes removed after experiencing a series of issues. Most importantly he is healthy and happy now.

#5 Rupert might be missing a leg but he does not let that stop him from enjoying life.

#6 Crash was left to fend for himself as a kitten but he never gave up. Fortunately, a helpful passerby decided to adopt him and change his life forever.

#7 “Perfectly Imperfect” Animals Portraits

Romeo lost his eye in a fight with another dog, most importantly he is able to smile his way through it all.

#8 Neo is a testament to the power of positive thought. Therefore this cross eyed pup remains an absolute delight.

#9 Peg’s got a special leg. However, that does not keep her from living it up.

#10 Look at that happy face. Mya’s blind after losing both of her eyes to glaucoma, but the rest of her senses remain keen

"Perfectly Imperfect" Animals Portraits

#11 Jakk was tossed in a Dumpster because of his deformed legs. Luckily, his sad cries were heard before it was too late.

#12 Oompah was infected with mange and homeless. She’s since been adopted by a loving family.

"Perfectly Imperfect" Animals Portraits

#13 Keisha has been adopted by a loving family.

#14 Draco is prone to fainting because of his heart condition.

#15 Sweet Skye. She lost her left eye in an accident as a puppy but it hasn’t slowed her down.

What do you think?

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