Puppy Proofing Your House

Puppies are like toddlers, always wanting to touch and grab everything in front of them. That is way it is very important to proof the house for their safety. To do so you have to try and think like them while going around the entire house to check any possible things they could eat, put down or climb and secure it.

Here we made a list the basics for you to check.

#1-Use trash with secure-locking lids and try to hide them from a puppies sight. If can not see it, he would not want to go through it.

#2-Get plastic covers for all the electric wires in the house. Puppies have a tendency to lick them.

#3-If you have open baskets and crates that you use for storage around the house try to move them to a closet space or put them on higher shelves where puppies can not reach them. Also secure any decoration or lamps that your puppy can pull or knock down.

#4-Make sure to move all the medication and toiletries out off their reach. Because if you don’t they will grab them and start to chew them up.

#5-Cleaning supplies can be very toxic if swallowed. Make sure to secure them also on high cabinets and if possible lock the cabinets just to be extra safe.

#6-Garage supplies as antifreeze, cleaning supplies or fuel can be fatally toxic. All the tools like screws and nails lying around in the garage need to be secured and stored way up off the ground. Sometimes puppies sneak into the garage at night and lye down under parked car. Always check under before taking off.

#7-On the outside of the house make sure to secure the pool and that the fence does not have weak spots.

What do you think?

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