Sick person that buried his dog alive, gets arrested

I am more than sure that the more i get to know people, the more i am in love with animals. A sick 21-year old sick male person tried to kill his own dog, burying him alive. We have not been able to find out why the sadist did this, but i know one thing for sure, he deserves to get a good lesson out of this.

As for now the person is arrested, and they think that he will get 2 years in jail, and a fee of €30,000. In my defense, I think that it is not enough. He needs to do some more jail time, in order for him to truly understand that dogs have their own rights too.

It is pretty easy, if you don’t like dogs, then don’t get one. Or if you are tired of the one you already have then just give it away. There is no efing reason in the world to bury alive your 10 years old dog who suffers from arthritis.

The poor creature

It breaks my heart when I see him. I mean how sick must someone be, to be able to harm a pure creature like him. He was truly blessed because he was saved from a passing dog walker. Apparently he smelled something under the stones, and started digging. After digging for a while he saw the dog that was alive and started digging even more. Thank God the dog was alive, and able to breath fresh air.

The black dog helped himI really do hope that the cruel person who did this gets what he deserves, because what he did is sick.

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