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What’s The Difference Between Alaskan Malamute And Akita

What’s The Difference Between Alaskan Malamute And Akita

The difference between Alaskan Malamute (AM) and Akita, to consider before getting one of them. Dogs are men’s best friend and as such our bond is strong and real.

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#1 Origin: Alaskan Malamute originates in United States while Akita from Japan.

Alaskan Malamute origin
Akita origin

#2 Life Span: The lifespan of Alaskan Malamute and Akita is almost the same from 12 – 15 Years for AM to 11 – 15 Years for Akita

Life spam of Alaskan Malamute
life spam of Akita

#3 Litter Size: AM have 4 – 8 babies per birth. Akita 7 – 8 per birth.

Alaskan malamute litter size
Akita litter size

#4 Group: Both breeds are working dogs.

Alaskan malamute working dogs
Akita working dog

#5 Trainability: It is considered as moderate for Alaskan Malamute and for Akita as well.

Malamute and Akita training skills

#6 Height & Weight Male: AM height varies from 62 – 64 cm /24 – 26 inches, and weighs 37 – 39 kg/81 – 86 pounds. Height of Akita male varies from 64 – 70 cm or 25 – 28 inches to a relatively big weight 34 – 54 kg aka 74 – 120 pounds.

Alaskan malamute height

# Females: On the other hand, AM female 56 – 68 cm/22 – 27 inches and weighs approximately 32 – 34 kg or 70 – 75 pounds. Akita female 58 – 64 cm/22 – 26 inches and weighs between 34 – 50 kg/74 -111 pounds.

Height & Weight of Akita

# Size: They both qualify as big dogs.

# Hypoallergenic: Both of these dogs play an important role in building immunity, as they are not allergic.

#7 Kids Friendly: If you have children you should appreciate these breeds more, as both are in love with children. They are kids friendly.

Alaskan malamute kids friendly
Akita is kid friendly

#8 New Owners Friendly: No and No.

Alaskan malamute aggressive to new owners
Akita aggressive to new owners

The Difference Between Alaskan Malamute And Akita

#9 Colors Available: AM colors may be gray, white, black, red or mixes between them. Akita on the other hand varies from Fawn, Brindle, White, Red Fawn, Red and Sesame.

Alaskan malamute coat color
Akita color coat

#10 Shedding: Both dogs need detailed care when it comes shedding. the only difference is that AM sheds in Moderate and it is Seasonal. Akita constantly.

Alaskan malamute shedding
Akita shedding

#11 Temperament: AM is: Affectionate, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Loving, Outgoing, Playful and Responsive. Akita is: Affectionate, Alert, Courageous, Friendly, Independent, Loyal, Protective and Responsive. You are to decide.

Alaskan malamute cheerful dog
Akita friendly dog

#12 Grooming: Alaskan Malamute requires High maintenance through the shedding season. Akita on the other hand, is easy going when it comes to grooming. They shed constantly so Low maintenance is fine.

Alaskan malamute grooming
Akita grooming

# Coat: Alaskan Malamute just like their relatives Siberian Huskies have a double coat, however Akita has other coat specifics. It may be Harsh and Rough, Dense, Water-Repellent, Short and Thick.

The Difference Between Alaskan Malamute And Akita

# Other Names: Alaskan Malamute is also known by names as Mal and Mally. But Akita is known as Akita-Inu, Japanese Akita


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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