The little German Shepherd does’t want to sleep, but the mother does this

Little puppies are always the most energetic. All they want to do all day is eat, sleep, play! But most of the time sleeping is not really an option for them. They decide to play, and get around, and explore everything around them. I mean since they are new in this world, everything looks weird and totally strange, so they have to do some investigation. Do you remember your little puppies? Or do you remember the first days of their life? After they get all adjusted to this world, when they are around 1.5-2 months or older, life becomes much more interesting for them.
Take a look at this little German Shepherd who doesn’t want to sleep! Probably her mother wants her to rest a little bit, but the baby refuses. Probably the little German Shepherd thinks that sleeping is just a waste of time. Why should he sleep, when he could be playing around? Even thought the mother tries to put her to bed, the puppy still refuses to close her eyes.

When I saw the video I really got amazed by the way the mother of this little German Shepherd tries to put her baby to sleep. It reminds me of my mother when I was little. I refused to sleep, or take afternoon naps, and my mom tried put me to bed, and tell me to sleep. She always told me that sleeping would help me grow! I guess the mother of this German Shepherd is trying to tell the same to her baby! For more take a look at this video, and see how this story goes!

Source: Diply

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