What these sailors did for this dog is priceless

A group of sailors were enjoying a beautiful day in the open waters. Suddenly they spotted something in the distance floating on the water. Little by little the view became clear, and what they were seeing in fact was a dog. Looked like the dog had escaped from the owners, or probably he was lost. They started calling the dog because apparently he was not understanding what was in front of him.
He was swimming towards them, and little by little he was able to reach the boat. The group of sailors was very glad that the dog made it to the boat. They took the dog, and started to hug him, because the dog was really cold because of the freezing open waters. The poor Labrador was shaking when one of the girls in the boat was trying to dry the pooch. They thought that the dog had been wandering in the open waters of Napoli for a little while, because the looked exhausted.

As we were able to find out latter the poor pup had apparently fallen off a ferry while on his way home with his new owner, but the ferry crew refused to stop and retrieve him. And that’s how the puppy ended up in the open waters of Naples, wandering where to go. Luckily the sailors managed to locate the owner of the puppy who’s name is Noodle. The owner was flying from happiness when the puppy appeared safe and sound “out of nowhere.” The ferry crew is under investigation for not stoping for the poor puppy, but ignored the whole story. This is the video of the sailors, when they rescued the puppy!

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