The world’s first dog photographer is Grizzler!

first dog photographer

Grizzler is a beautiful border collie who was considered to be the world’s first dog photographer! He was the star of a Nikon commercial where they created a device that monitored Grizzler’s heart rate.

This monitor would then send the information via bluetooth to the case that was strapped to the dog’s neck/chest which contained the Coolpix L31 camera. The case would trigger the shutter on the camera to take photographs any time his heart rate exceeded a specific rate. If Grizzler’s heart rate was higher than 119 pictures were taken capturing a shot of whatever he was facing at the time his heart rate increased!

Nikon says: “Photos can capture the world’s beauty within a single frame, and photographers translate what they feel into what others can see. With a device that reacts to increased heart rates, we can literally connect emotions to every photo.” Here are 6 photo’s of Grizzler’s artwork!

1- I want to introduce you all Grizzler. How cute is the first dog photographer? 

2- I guess the little photographer got a little too excited for seeing some friends during the walk! His heart rate increased because apparently he loves his friend very much! 

3- Did Grizzler’s hear rate increased because he got excited of seeing the chilled cat, or does he want to fight her because they are eternal enemies?

first dog photographer

4- There is no news that dogs like eggs. This beautiful puppy got very excited because he wanted to eat some protein maybe during his tiring job walk!


5- The question is: Does Grizzler likes crabs, or his heart rate increased because he is terrified of them? Well i guess we will never know the answer! 


6- After the long walk, Grizzler did a great job. His mission was accomplished, and i am sure he is ready to take the world now. He is a known world-wide so he will have a great career ahead! 


What do you think?

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