This dog got the most beautiful surprise from her dad. Find out what it is!

Have I ever told you that dogs miss you more than you could ever imagine? I mean think about it. You leave in the morning to go to work, and when you return home in the afternoon they jump into you like you haven’t seen one another for a week. They start wagging their tail, licking you all over, jumping around the house. These are signs of their excitement. They can’t hide their strong emotions, therefore they tend to do all different crazy things.
In this video you will see a reunion, but a different one from what I mentioned. Looks like the father of this beautiful dog left abroad for a while. I bet the dog missed her dad more then anything, and they wait was probably killing her slowly inside. Well what her dad did to surprise her was really cute. Since he knew that the dog really missed her dad, as I can imagine he missed her two, he decided to do a prank for her.

He did not meet with the dog when arriving home, because he had planned something cutter better for his little girl. As you will see from the video, the guys decided to cover himself with a blanket outside in the porch, and decides to call her with her toy sound. As soon as the dog hears the toy sound, she runs outside, to find out that her dad is finally home. I mean it is real adorable the reunion of these two. These kind of moments, are by far my most favorite in the world history of pets. I mean there is nothing better for them then being with their family. Family is all they have, so without their family, life is not complete.

Source: Viralnova

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