This Dog Was Too Injured To Move From Train Binary, But His Brave Friend Did Something Heart Breaking

A poor dog got stuck on a railway track and injured his leg, without being able to move or get out of there. His friend stayed beside him for two whole days under the passing trains. After these two passing days a call was made to a group of animal rescuers informing them about the dogs spotted at the railway track.

Upon their arrival, they saw that just one of the dogs, the female was injured and was impossible for her to move. While the other dog had been staying along her to give her support and protect her from any harm as well as keep her warm from the freezing weather.

Whenever they hear a train passing by, the healthy male would lay beside the injured female and both of them stucked their heads down towards the ground until the train passed.

Witnessing how even dogs are capable of this much compassion, love and care for the other canine is truly emotional. Both of them were rescued by the animal rescuers and were taken to an animal clinic to receive medical assistance afterwards. We are happy to say that they are both well and were returned to their respective owner.

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