This is the case when a rough life unites a Pit-bull and a Army Vet. Their story is heartbreaking

This is a story between a man who used to serve as a Army Vet for the US military forces, and his newly adopted family member Mikko. His name is Chan Flemming, and he says that he is now a retired veteran who served two tours of duty in Iraq. We all know at some point that the life of duty is not as it seems. In this case for example you have to know that the retired veteran suffered both physical and emotional wounds. Furthermore he says that Anxiety and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) followed him back home along with his injured leg.
As you all can imagine the life of this retired veteran is harder than it may actually seem. Fortunately Chan decided to make a change in his life, and try to add a little bit of colors into it. He decided to adopt a dog, because he thought that the dog would make the perfect companion for him in this case. I guess this has been one of the smartest decisions this man has ever taken.

The sad part comes when you all find out the story of the Pit-Bull mix the veteran adopted. They say that this dog lived most of his life in a rescue shelter cage. He is sad most of the time, and life has not been really nice with him either. It is really sweet to know that these two creatures get along with each-other perfectly. They make great companions, and they are able to ease each-others pains day after day. Good luck on your new journey guys. I am very happy to read such stories because I still believe in the power of love. They say love heals every wound and this case perfectly proves it! The video in the next page sums up the story perfectly for you, and the retired veteran speaks about his experience so far! Enjoy

Source: Viralnova

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