What if your dog is not so friendly?

What if your dog is not so friendly? Does this mean that he has problems with his socialization? And if so, how can you help him?(Via Cesar’s Way)

Like humans same dogs can be either social or anti-social beings. By the time that a dog comes to life is attached with socialization first with his own species and after with people.

A dog mother teaches them their first steps, how to move on, what is wrong and what is right, what they should do and what they should not do. Very impressive is the fact that, the dog mother tries to help her puppies by bringing them in the right way if they make any mistake.

As the puppies grown up, they become friendly with their environment and they learn how to respect other dogs that might be in a better level that they are, meaning that they are older or even bigger, and also how to help dogs that are in a lower level than they are.

If this procedure is followed then the dog will have a healthy life when he will be far than mother dog. But when and what happens if this procedure is not followed correctly?

Usually when a family or an individual decides to adopt a dog most of times they adopt a very young dog in order to train him. Unfortunately in that case that the dog is too young, like eleven to thirteen weeks, he might face problems with his development, why?

People in their try to help their dog many times fail to teach them what a dog mother have to teach them to do, they cannot continue what she did so their dog might be developed without rules that later will have problems being socialized with the environment and farther with other dogs and people.  A socialized dog respects the other members of the pack and goes on with the rules. But how can you know if your dog is social or antisocial?  How can you help?  Here we have some good information about anti socialized dog and some good ideas on helping them.

  1. Not respecting his position on the pack.

A dog that is socialized can recognize his position on the pack, instead of an antisocial dog. In this case the antisocial dog, does not respect the other dogs or humans space.  These are the dogs that they try to get their food by begging and also they are jealous of other animals in the house so they behave violently to them.

  • What can you do? You should set rules and limits to your dog. This might mean that sometimes you should stop him or push him away when he acts violently and demanding.
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respecting his position on the pack.
What if your dog is not so friendly?
  1. When your dog goes crazy.

To people’s view, when their dog is excited  and becomes crazy each time he sees them like jumping or spinning is a pleasant situation but from a dogs view is not like that.

When a dog shows more excitement than the normal then this might mean that the dog has no rules and no control of his physical energy so he expressed that by doing these crazy acts.

  • What can you do?

A dog that is over energetic needs a lot of exercise in order to express the energy that he has. Also if you don’t want you dog jumping all around and spinning or barging you could stop reward him each time he goes crazy but ignore him, this will not make him feel sadness but he will learn that this is wrong.

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  1. The pack leader

Many times we think that the leader should always be humans, but in some cases    dogs pull their leader.  If this happens then your relationship with your dog has problems and if you do not let your dog take his position on the pack he won’t listen to you anymore.

  • What can you do?

In order to help your dog on, you should let him take his own position and be calm and let him get out in frond.

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The pack leader
What if your dog is not so friendly?

 4. Not being friendly with other dogs.

When you dog tries to avoid all other dogs and is unfriendly with people then he struggles on his socialization. These dogs are not happy and they are feeling loneliness. But be careful! Not all dogs that avoid something have socialization problems. When your dog avoids all things every time then he might have problems with his socialization.

  • What can you do?

In that case m is very difficult to help your dog and especially when he is aggressive. You should make the dog trust you as the pack leader and also sometimes as we said previously you might have to avoid your dog for a while until he understands his mistakes.

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