10 White huskies, to follow on Instagram

white husky

White huskies, remind me of cold winter days spent around the fire. To me, their white coat looks whiter than snow. Every breed has white fur, however it looks very pale compared to white huskies. With blue, brown or mixed eyes. Orange, gray, black, white or a mix coat color, they are one of the most beautiful dogs.

Color matters.

We choose a pet based on their color. People are attracted to beautiful features. Color is the beauty of animals. It may change from childhood to adulthood. While white stands. It is the same throughout the life of a husky. White husky attracts more to the eye than any other husky color.

If you love white huskies, then we invite you to follow these profiles.

What do you think, which husky color is most attractive to your eye? Let us know, and meanwhile enjoy our list. Love.

1- Mad Husky Max (@madhuskymax) – 52.1K followers

2- Kratos (@kratos.white.wolf) – 12.3K followers

3- Maui (@maui_the_siberianhusky) 12.2K Followers.

4- Iceland (@icelandthewhitedog) – 10K followers

5- Skye (@thewhiteskye) – 9.4K followers

6- Kiba and Korra (@huskytwins) – 4.1K followers

7- Kodiak (@kodiak_husky) – 3.7K followers

8- Shedly Blu and Kodiak (@southern.huskies) – 3K followers

9- Katana (@katana.kikko) – 2.6K followers

10- Casper (@casper_theghosthusky) – 1.5K followers

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What do you think?

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