20 Best Dog Sledding Movies of All-Time

Best Dog Sledding Movies

I have a confession to make.. I am a little obsessed with snow dogs and i have try to see all dog sledding movies.

If you’re a fan of dog sledding, a musher, or ever wanted to go dog-sledding, these are the films for you! Watch gorgeous Siberian Huskies and wolf dogs as they demonstrate their courage and strength in surviving harsh circumstances. And if you’re sitting on the couch with a furry friend, they’ll probably enjoy it to!

So, I figured I’d put my passions to work and give you the ultimate list of 20 best dog sledding movies. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end and share them with other Husky Lovers friends!

  1. The Great Alone
The Great Alone - Best Dog Sledding Movies

2.  Antarctica

Best Dog Sledding Movies

3. Iditarod- Toughest Race on Earth

Best Dog Sledding Movies

4. See You In Nome: An Iditarod Rookie Journey

Best Dog Sledding Movies

5. Eight Below

eight below movie

6. Balto


7. Iron Will

Iron Will Husky Movie

8. White Fang

Best Dog Sledding Movies

9. Kayla: A Cry In The Wilderness

Best Dog Sledding Movies

10. Spirit of the Wind

dog sled movies

11. White Fang 2: Myth Of The White Wolf

dog sled movies

12. Snow Buddies

dog sled movies on disney plus

13. The Last Trapper

dog sledding movies list

14. Snow Dogs

dog sledding movie disney - Snow Dogs

15. Call of the Wild (1976)

movies about dog sledding

16. Call of the Wild (2009)

best dog sledding movies

17. Alaska’s Great Race

movies about dog sledding in alaska

18. Chilly Dogs

dog sledding movies list

19. Toby McTeague

Dog Sledding Movies - Toby McTeague

20. Togo

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