10 Photos Of Animals Taken Before and After They Grew Up Together

One of the best things that life has to offer is friendship and being surrounded with your loved ones. We as humans, during our lifetime encounter millions of people in the streets, at coffee’s, schools, work, while traveling and so on. And the friendships that develop can be from the elementary school or even from work. In case of the first, is a friendship that has lasted probably for more than a decade.
Practically it means that they have grown up together. And just like humans, animals create special bonds with the ones they grow up with. After all is all that time you have been spending, no wonder most of the bff’s a person has are from childhood.

Scroll down below to see the most adorable transformations of animal pictures takes before as pups and after as they have grown up.

#1 The stray kitten that was rescued and healed with the help of these three Huskies.

#2 They were rescued after found at a garden just two days old. Look how grown up are they now.

#3 These red fox was rescued and brought home by the dogs owner. The bond was instant.

#4 Hedgehogs can have friends too despite their spikes, and good ones actually. These duo has been inseparate for five years now.

#5 Although these two Staffordshire Bull Terriers look alike they are not brothers. But they are each others best friend and one of the many things they have in common is wearing baby clothes.

#6 After spending his all life hanging out with dogs, chances are these piggy things he is a dog too and probably tries to act as one.

#7 These raccoon became part of the group when the doggies adoptive mother found him in the backyard of their house with a broken leg. He was welcomed and treated as family since day one.

#8 The squirrel was brought home where he meet the Australian Shepherd when he was sick and than he was adopted by the family after that since both of them went so great along with each other.

#9 These ferrets made the cat one of their own and even when she outgrew them in size they steel treated her as family and did everything together.

#10 These unique white cats with different eye colors were found at three months old and have grown together since then.