This Puppy Was Scared Of Everything Until She Meet Her Baby Brother

puppy meet Baby Brother

This puppy was afraid of everything but when it’s baby brother born everything changed.

The greyhound pup was dropped off at a shelter and from the very first beginning he was adopted, he expressed fear for practically everything he came to contact with.

Maybe it was because the animal shelter he was at, was extremely populated and there were noises, laughs, flies that apparently made her tremble.

Luck was not on her side from the very beginning cause the poor thing was returned back to shelter after just one day of being adopted. The family that brought her back said that she looked too scared.

And there she stayed until one day a kind woman stepped in and adopted her. As it turned out, the greyhounds tongue was always hanging out because her teeth were so bad that they had to remove almost all of them, leaving the dog with only two teeth.

Imagine, the poor thing was so scared that her adoptive family heard her bark after three years for the first time. These meant that finally she was getting to trust them and feel comfortable in her own home.

This happen right before the baby was born. When he was around his newborn baby brother he let off his guard and relaxed completely.

Now the baby is seven months old and they have bonded even closer with each other. The new parents are feeling a little bit jealous because their pup loves the baby more than them.

But one can not control love, just feel it.

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