10 dogs who have the cutest underbite ever. My dog looks like dog #9

We all know that dogs can be really lovable, happy, and acing. On the other hand we also know that perfect dogs don’t exist. Therefore we all have to get use to our little monsters, and train them as hard as we can to make them understand us a little bit more. In the following pictures you will be able to see 10 dogs who have the cutest underbite ever. After you have finished reading the article, let us know how does you dog looks like in cases like these?

1- “This is the only strategy i can use to make people listen to my rules. They just have to give me a chance. If you don’t then this is what they get in return.”


2- “I told you that this walk was way too long. Now what do you expect me to do after all that long walk?”underbite9

3- “This is the face I make every time they say I am fully and adult. They can’t understand that I don’t like this sh@t!”underbite7

4- “I already warned you. If you see me jumping towards your plate, then you better get away!”underbite8

5- “Will you still marry me, or you are thinking to leave me all alone in here?”Underbite6

6- “No i don’t wanna walk today. I really told you that i am too tired! Please just give me a break would you?” underbites5

7- “Yea right first you tell me we are going outside in this cold, and now you tell me we are taking a shower after that???”udnerbites4

8- “This is my face overtime they say I am really fat, and lazy. I have never understood why they think this way about me, but I couldn’t care less.”underbites3

9- “I already told you that I am hungry. Do you want me to say that again???”

10- “Are you sure when you say that i am not a good girl? Is there anything you want from me or what?”underbite

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