10 Heartwarming Dogs That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

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Dogs warm our hearts and brighten our days whenever we feel down and need some cheering. They stay always by our side, offering their unconditional love and affection without expecting nothing in return. They spend their whole life being on our side so the least we can do is give them all the happiness and affection they deserve.

10 Heartwarming Dogs That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

#1 Looks like this pooch is happier than his owner after she said the magic words ‘Yes’.

Heartwarming Dogs
Heartwarming Dogs Pictures

#2 Can a pup sleep more peacefully than this little cutie over taking a nap at his owners drawer.

Heartwarming Dogs

#3 When you wake up to this face admiring you, even the day goes by feeling happy.

Heartwarming Dogs
Heartwarming Puppies

#4 Aww…A tiny pup saying hi to his unborn sibling.

This tiny pup who can't wait to meet their tiny human sibling

#5 Once again we are shown that the  devotion of a dog towards his human goes way and beyond. This dog here is comforting his adoptive mother who’s on a hospital bed.

#6 This beauties face lights up when his owner says ‘good boy’ even though he is deaf and can not hear him.

#7  How a dog reacts seeing all those present under the Christmas tree are for him.

#8 How can one get made at a dog that only smiles at you 24/7 huh…

Heartwarming Dogs
Heartwarming Dog happy face

#9 Two BFF’s sunbathing while discussing politics.

Heartwarming Dogs
Heartwarming Dogs

#10 Catch these adorable dogs trying to be as welcome as they can with their new neighbor.

Heartwarming Dogs
Heartwarming Husky Dogs

Source: BuzzFeed

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